'tis The Season! October 14, 2015 11:46

Cooler temperatures are here in the northern hemisphere… For us that means trips to our favorite outdoor climbing spots in the Southeastern U.S. Yay!
It also means we’ve been extra busy in between those climbing trips gearing up for the indoor climbing season. We’re upgrading our website by adding new product images in high resolution and 360 degrees. And more features and functions are in the works.

And all the while we’ve been keeping active in the social media scene so if your out there… connect with us. Including LIVE video broadcasts via “Periscope” a new App from Twitter. Tour the workshop or just hang out with us in the shaping studio (on that note) while we work hard to bring you over a hundred new shapes before the years out.

And finally... climbing competition season is here too. We enjoy being involved in that bunch of fun so if you’re hosting a comp and seeking sponsorship, consider us. Our hangboards make great prizes and our trophies are coolest.

A few things we already sponsor - Backyard Bouldering Series, RRG Fixed Gear Initiative, RRGCC, Planet Rock Climbing Team, ABC Boulder Climbing Team, and more.