Footwork February. Four Fantastic Tips for Fabulous Footwork. February 05, 2016 13:39

Good footwork goes a long way for rock climbing. Here are four fantastic tips for fabulous footwork.

4. Fancy Feet
This is a training exercise that will help you to better understand how your feet positions affect your climbing. On easier routes, make a conscience effort to move your feet at least twice for every hand move you make. Work on inside edges of your feet, outside edges, switching feet on a hold, flagging, etc.

3. Strong Toes
This is a mindset to have as you climb. Make a conscience effort to push more with your feet by feeling the pressure of your weight on your toes, and increase it while simultaneously lessening the energy of your grip. Think about it.

2. Be Precise / Quiet Feet
Be deliberate, precise and quiet. Look directly where you want your foot to go, and put it right there.

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