About Our Holds

About The Holds
We make modular climbing holds. We strive for the highest quality in design and usability as well as strength and durability. Our growing catalog represents a balanced array of the many types of holds. Some of our holds are listed in more than one category as they present multiple uses. 

Testing Climbing Holds
Considering as long as we've been setting routes, with thousands of holds from hundreds of manufactures, and tens of thousands of climbers on those routes giving us direct feedback, one could safely say we've been testing climbing holds for decades. Always seeking to know... what makes the greatest climbing holds so great? How can they be made better? And now we make climbing holds. We put them into the mix of this long running, up-close-and-personal, rigorous testing with the goal of making ours the best climbing holds. Of course we also test the many more easily measured attributes such as hardness, abrasion resistance, flexural strength, etc. using the slightly less exciting manufacturing industry standard testing methods in a strictly controlled laboratory environment. 

Our Materials and Processes
We use non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials and processes. We continue to advance and refine these as technology does. It is important to us to remain on the forefront of the industry and so our research and development is always active. 

Climbing Holds Sizes and Usages
We make climbing holds of all sizes. Some as small as a few coins, others much larger than life. And of course everything in between. Our holds are displayed on our website mounted on a vertical wall. The wall has a gray and white checkerboard pattern. Each square is 1" or 2.54 cm. The bolt holes are 4" or 10.16 cm apart. There is a straight on image of the holds, and an angled view that you can spin 360° by clicking the arrow buttons. Pay attention to the shadows casted by the holds as it further reveals the contours of the shapes. 

The color of holds is more important to some people than it is to others. We think it's important simply because we like colorful things. When you purchase holds here on our website we give you the option to select colors for your holds* (or not). The primary and secondary colors are listed as options but we can make virtually any color. If you would like a special color that isn't listed in the available options, make a note of it in the comments box when you're checking out, or just give us a call and we'll do our best to meet your needs.
Note: Colors are not matched exactly and may vary in shades and tones. 

Swirls, layers, and patterns
We can swirl different colors into the holds creating organic patterns and lines. We can create holds with multiple layers of different colors. We can splash colors like Pollack pretty good too. There are many patterns and effects that we have discovered. We're happy to fill special orders. Again, make a note of it in the comments box when you're checking out, or just give us a call and we'll do our best to meet your needs. 

What matters most about climbing holds is simply... how you hold them... when you climb. We create shapes that are fun to move onto, hold onto, and move from. All of our holds are finger friendly. They have safe edges and large radii that feel good in your hands. We do carry a few sets of holds that may bite at your fingertips a little bit. But that's the good feeling kind of pain that makes us tougher. 

It is a bonded backing layer of a softer rubber-like PolyUrethane. This helps to prevent chipping on the edges while handling (or mishandling). It also provides a gripping action on the wall to prevent holds from spinning. And on highly textured climbing walls, the Soft Back will form to the contours preventing breakage. We offer SoftBacks as an option on nearly all of our holds and recommend it for most. 

All of our medium sized and larger holds have been designed with a HollowBack. The back side of the hold has been carved out in such a way so as to reduce materials and weight while maintaining structural integrity. For route setting it really adds up to lighten the weight of the bag. Many of our HollowBacked holds contain a little surprise inside! 

Set Screws & Screw-ons
You may choose to use a set screw to secure holds from spinning or as required in some climbing competitions. We recommend using set screws for larger holds. If you choose to use a set screw, a hole and countersync must be pre-drilled in the hold. When we supply holds for competitions, or by special request we predrill the holes for set screws. Screw-on holds are fastened to the wall with no less than two screws. They are great for areas where there are not t-nuts and as extra footholds for any climbing wall.