Squares/Lines are 1" ... 2.54 cm.


10 out of 10 professional Route Setters agree, The DRCC makes the best Dual Texture climbing holds in the world.

“The DRCC easily takes the crown for the best dual textured holds on the market”
~ The Proving Ground Hold Review

"The DRCC makes the best dual texture shapes on the planet”
~ Climbing Hold Review

“ Their dual texture is something that needs to be seen first hand to understand how different it really is... their superb dual-texture was mentioned in almost every survey. “Wow” “By far, the best dual-texture I have ever seen.””
~ Dead Point Magazine

“The smooth portion of the dual texture has a high gloss, almost mirror like quality. Basically, it's sexy.”
~ Kris “O-Dub” Hampton

~ Paul Jung

“As a setter, I like 'em cuz it makes my job easier.”
~ Joe Diaz

“The DRCC's holds make you WANT to climb on them.”
~ Justin Hanson

“Best dual tex huecos in the biz!”
“..the ones every one who tries dual tex is chasing.”
~ Ian Powwel

“The best damn Dual Texture Climbing Holds in the world.”
~ Vincent Cocciolone

“This hold is what I was hoping for from the DRCC! Perfect dual texture for a sweet look and fits the hand really well.“
~ Andy Librande

Dual Texture Package Deal

$ 2,069.95

10 out of 10 professional Route setters agree, The DRCC makes the best Dual Texture climbing holds in the world. Not only are they the most unidirectional holds available, a boon to setters for forcing moves, but they also retain their vibrant colors even after being smothered by hundreds of happy climbers chalky hands and sketchy feet.

Now you can get nearly all of our DT holds in one special 100pc gym package. Many of the holds in this package are extra large and some big enough to be called features.

The top 100 DRCC Dual Texture holds; Big Bleepin Pinch, Bleepin Pinches, Small Bleepin Pinches, Crescent Moons, Gibbous Moons, Deep Cut Crimps, Dog Dish, Double Barrel, Big Slot, Slots, F Dark Side Crimps, F Easy Side Crimps, F Edges Mini, F Edges Medi X2, F Edges A, F Edges B, F Edges YY, F Huge Jugs, Hole, Pimp Pinches, Precision Pockets, Rail, and Trip Hole. Pretty much everything on the Dual Texture page except for the training holds and trophies.
In the most popular solid colors; pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple,  white , gray, and black.
(When ordering multiple colors, please state in the comments section at checkout which colors you would like)

A note about the colors: A couple of people have asked if we can match the colors of a certain other company. The short answer is yes. However the tones of a couple of our colors will not match theirs exactly and here's why. The other company's red has a hint of orange, and their orange, a hint of red. And in some cases climbers have difficulty distinguishing the two when routes overlap. Our red is pure red and our orange is right in the middle between red and yellow. We can assure you that our colors are clear and will not be mistaken for another.

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