Squares/Lines are 1" ... 2.54 cm.

System Holds Set

$ 294.86

Climbing holds designed and engineered for optimum systematic training… and of course more fun climbing! Shiny smooth on the faces with etched symbols denoting the edges positive incut (++ or +), flat/neutral edge (0), or negative slope (- or --).

A symmetrical mirror image pair of a dozen holds form this 24 piece set. The crimps and edges all have two usable sides with 7 degrees of difference in the grip angle… from incut, to flat, to slopey. The Tri Edges pair have three sides on each and can be set with the top edge horizontally, or the bottom, turning them into a pinches. Two perfectly sized full handed slopers engineered for maximum variability with every degree of turn of the hold and your hand position.

If your serious about training for climbing, these are some of the tools that will give you the best results. With the straight forward simple design and modularity, you can easily create custom tailored calculated workouts and easily track results. We want to see you do 5.16!

And if your serious about route setting these are the "go to" holds. A few sets of these in your bag will allow for quick calculated difficulty level changes of moves, without having to compromise the movements, techniques, or style of your route. Dial it in with precision.

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